Thursday, October 17, 2013

REMINDER - Blogger Opportunity for "Cyber Monday Giveaway"

This is just a friendly reminder.
 This is a great opportunity for Bloggers - it's called "Cyber Monday Giveaway" - you have until October 25th to sign up to be a Sponsor or a Co-host - ENJOY!!

Cyber Monday Giveaway by Angie Ouellette-Tower for photo GiveawayCyberMondayBoth_zpsb66678df.jpg
BLOGGER OPPORTUNITY!! - "Cyber Monday Giveaway"
Cyber Monday has become as popular as Black Friday maybe even more popular!
Since we are talking about "cyber space" - the prizes for this giveaway will be e-prizes - all digitally deliverable.  There will be a PayPal Cash prize that you can contribute to, but also, if you have any other e-prizes to contribute like ebooks, a gift certificate to your online shop or ad space on your blog- 
 e-stuff & PayPal cash for e-shopping!!  
Here's how it works:
You can either give money towards the PayPal cash for the winner to spend anywhere, or give one of your own digital prizes as mentioned above - the amount of that prize determines how many links you will have in the "Rafflecopter"  (by link we mean that the person entering the raffle would have to follow you on GFC, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Bloglovin or any other social media method)
You may be a Sponsor or a Co-host - the Co-host spots require a $30 contribution - all other contribution amounts will be Sponsors.
If you want, you may add a little of both - $10 towards the PayPal cash & a $20 e-prize (or something like that) totaling $30 which is the amount for co-host spots.
By co-hosting you agree to post this Giveaway on your blog and to promote the Giveaway on any of your social media sites. 
There is a limited number of co-host spots - so sign up early.
Please fill out this form if you are interested in adding to this Giveaway
click HERE to go to the form 
 Google + has some serious rules for giveaways & promotions.  Please stay away from adding Google+ as one of your links in the Rafflecopter - read this article below: 
Please email one of the hosts with any questions:

Angie from God's Growing Garden
Angel from Sew Crafty Angel     

IMPORTANT:  If you are providing an "e-prize" then you will be responsible to email the winner the e-prize yourself.  Angie (from God's Growing Garden) will be responsible for sending the PayPal cash to the winner - all other e-prizes must be sent to the winner by the prize owner/creator on Black Friday (November 29th) or Saturday November 30th.  The reason for this is so that the winner can spend/use the e-prizes on Cyber Monday.
You have until October 25th, 2013 to sign up to be a part of this Giveaway.
Thank you & ENJOY!


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