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The Great Blog Train #15 & Giveaway - Destination: WINDSOR

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Destination: Windsor, Ontario CANADA
Windsor by Angie Ouellette-Tower for photo 2011JulyVisit_zps7c75cb8b.jpg
Location:  Windsor, Ontario Canada located in Essex County which is the most southern county in Canada.  It is directly across from the City of Detroit in Michigan USA - separated only by the "Detroit River".
Known For: Windsor is the automotive capital of Canada.
Essex County is known for it's farmland and now this farmland is also being used to help supply electricity via wind mills and solar fields.
Nickname:  The City of Roses  (visit Jackson Park to view some of the city's most beautiful roses)
Motto:  "The river and the land sustain us"
Population:  About 210,891 people (2011 statistics)
Official "City of Windsor" Website:  click HERE to view

The International Freedom Festival is a joint festival between the cities of Windsor & Detroit - this Festival celebrates "Canada Day" (July 1st) and "Independence Day" (July 4th) jointly. 
The Freedom Festival Fireworks are said to be the best Fireworks display in North America!!
(the picture below was taken by my sister Monique Ouellette-Fittler)

by Monique Ouellette-Fittler photo IIDetroitFireworks_zps0020e7db.jpg
Photo taken by Monique Ouellette-Fittler.  See the Renaissance Center in Detroit as the backdrop to these amazing Fireworks.

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February's Caboose and featured blog happens to be:
Penny Zeller Congratulations!

Penny describes her blog as this: "A day in the life of a Wife, Mom & Author.   Impacting lives for Christ through the written word...."  Please visit Penny's wonderful blog - you will be encouraged I guarantee it!

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  1. I love giveaways because you have a better chance of winning than in the lottery :P

  2. Good Afternoon Angelique, This is a fun party to join. When I have finished following all of you lovely organisers of this party, I shall add my Roasted Red Tomato and Pesto soup and I will join in the fun.
    It is lovely to meet you Angelique and I am now following you via Google +.
    Best Wishes

    1. Thank you so much Daphne - I'm following your lovely blog on GFC & google+. That Soup looks delicious!!

  3. I love the Destination theme!! Perfect idea! Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangerines

    1. Great! It's a go then!
      Thanks for being such a wonderful Engineer!

  4. Thanks so much for another awesome train ride.

    1. Thank you Angel! - Did you enjoy your visit to Windsor? - That's where I was born.

  5. I'm missing something . . . . The hosts I'm supposed to follow. I know I saw them but now that I've added my link I can't find them anywhere. This is embarrassing. lol

    1. No problem - no need to be embarrassed. The hosts are numbers 1 through 5 in the Linky.
      Thanks so much!

    2. Oh! I see that now. I was looking for a list I thought I had seen before. :-) Thanks.

  6. Hello, Angie - 'Finally stopping by! The destination looks great! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  7. Thanks so much for the invite.

  8. Thank you so much for hosting and sharing. I love the Train theme! Have a great week~

    @ Redo It Yourself Inspirations

  9. Thanks for the invite to your blog hop and for the follow over at my blog! : )

    Cathy@Thoughts on Books

  10. Thank you for hosting such a wonderful party! Just linked up a recipe.


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