Wednesday, December 3, 2014

365 Days of Being THANKFUL - DAY#7

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A few weeks ago I decided that I would start a new series on this blog called: "365 Days of Being THANKFUL".  The more I thought about it the more I felt led by God but then at the same time I started wondering if I would be able to do this for a whole year!  One month of being thankful is measurable let alone hundreds of days!
So, today is the seventh day of my challenge - I must be able to find something each day that I am thankful for since I am so blessed.

by AngieOuelletteTower for photo ThankfulFall_zps4e383d29.jpg
DAY#7 - Today I am thankful for an unexpected item delivered in the mail.

by AngieOuelletteTower for photo ThankfulFall_zps4e383d29.jpg

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  1. Sam here for me. After an exhausting day at work, I'd love to see some personal mail at home.

  2. I agree you should be thankful for something every day, you don't always know how your needs are being met, but angels watch over you and help comes when it is needed or least expected. Nice to feel thankful even about the little things, because sometimes a bunch of little things add up to a big thin.


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