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Biblical Anatomy #13 - TEETH


Biblical Anatomy #13 - TEETH
Today we continue studying in the series called "Biblical Anatomy."

Anatomy - is the study of parts and structures of organisms.

What is "Biblical Anatomy" you might ask?  It is the study of the structure of the Christian Body (The Christian family/church).  

Today we focus on TEETH (In one of the previous Biblical Anatomy posts we learned that the teeth, along with tongue & lips are part of the mouth):

Teeth- "hard bodies attached in a row to each jaw.  Their
           purpose: mastication of food, as weapons of attack or

During my research, I found out that there are 5 popular sayings or phrases in the Bible about "teeth".
5 "Teeth" Sayings From The Bible:

- Eye for eye, tooth for tooth
- Skin of my teeth
- Teeth on edge
- Chew the cud
- Gnashing of teeth

Notice the difference in the two Scripture passages below - the Old Testament (listed first) and the New Testament (listed second): 


In the second New Testament passage above, we see that it's all about forgiveness, instead of getting even "eye for eye, tooth for tooth".

Here are the Bible verses about the 4 remaining "teeth" sayings: 

And I have escaped by the skin of my teeth."  
Job 19:20

"And the children’s teeth are set on edge."  
Jeremiah 31:29

Among the animals, whatever divides the hoof, having cloven hooves and chewing the cud—that you may eat"  
Proverbs 10:13
They gnashed at me with their teeth."  
Proverbs 35:16


What is the main function of our teeth?  To eat.
I started to think about the Garden of Eden and the fall of mankind - it was eating; taking a bite of that apple that began the sin/death cycle. (see Bible passage above).
I realize it wasn't the actual "eating" that caused our demise but the decision to disobey God.  However, I like the symbolism of eating because Jesus is "the Bread of Life."  When we become a Christian and decide to accept the free gift of forgiveness and eternal life we are symbolically eating the Bread of Life.

We will NEVER go hungry if we go to Jesus Christ!

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