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Psalm 119 - TSADHE (Hebrew Alphabet)

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TSADHE - Psalm 119: 137-144

The longest chapter in the Bible is Psalm 119.  If you turn to Psalm 119 in your Bible, you will notice that there is a strange word every 8 verses.  These "strange" words are the letters of the Hebrew alphabet.  David wrote this chapter in an acrostic pattern and every letter of the alphabet is followed by 8 verses.  It is a chapter full of praise and worship.  I thought it would be fun to study Psalm 119 by summarizing each alphabetic section in an acrostic format.

I did not know anything about the Hebrew language, so I did a little research.  The Hebrew language is written from the right to the left - opposite of the English language.  There are 22 letters to the Hebrew alphabet.  Today we continue studying with the eighteenth letter
I am also NOT a poet, so I had to research what an acrostic pattern meant.
An Acrostic Poem - is a poem where certain letters in each line spell out a word or phrase.
Example below.
by Angie Ouellette-Tower for photo SundayPsalm119_zpszhagaoxw.jpg

TSADHE - Trustworthy are your Statutes, O Lord;  they Are my Delight and your rigHteousness is Eternal

by Angie Ouellette-Tower for photo SundayPsalm119TSADHE2_zpsxvunse4q.jpg

We begin by defining "statute" and "righteousness":

Statute - a law or decree made by a Sovereign or by God.

Righteousness - acting in accord with divine or moral law:  free from guilt or sin.  Justifiable, genuine, excellent.

The featured verses that we are studying today focus on righteousness, right, true, trustworthy.

- God is righteous (verse 137)

God's laws are right (verse 137)

His statutes are righteous (verse 138)

God's statutes are fully trustworthy (verse 138)

God's righteousness is everlasting (verse 142)(see picture above)

His law is true (verse 129)(see picture above)

God's statutes are "forever right" (verse 144) (see picture below)


This week let's strive to be righteous in every aspect of our life by following God's statutes.


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  1. Thank you for this information.May you be blessed for your work.

    One question though.
    My NKJV Psalms 119 vs 144 say“
    The righteousness of your testimonies is everlasting; give me understanding and I shall live.

    I Would love to know which Bible you are using!!Thanks again.

    1. Thank you for visiting.
      Perfect timing on the topic of your comment because I just started a new series called: "Bible Version Discrepancies". I have recently been finding very concerning issues with the N.I.V. translation. Here is a link to the first post in that series:
      Looks like I will have to add Psalm 119 to my discrepancy list.
      God bless!


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