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DAY#23 - Freedom Quotes: Free With An Independent Will


DAY#23 - A Month of Freedom Quotes:
Free With An Independent Will

We only have a week left of the month long series focusing on Freedom.  I realized that we are on the verge of losing our liberty after only one week of doing these posts.  This is a serious subject - I hope that you will pray for discernment and then stand up with strength from God to preserve our freedom.

We will begin with the basics by defining "freedom".

Freedom - the absence of necessity, coercion or constraint in choice or action
- liberation from restraint/slavery from the power of another

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Today's quote is different from the previous quotes that we've been focusing on because it comes from a fictional character:  Jane Eyre.
"Jane Eyre" was a tragic romance novel from the 19th century written by Charlotte Bronte.
I chose this quote because we haven't yet touched on freedom within a relationship/couple.  Now, I want to be very clear here - I am NOT talking about "freedom" to go against marital vows!  One can be free to be themselves while still being devoted to their spouse at the same time.

I am reminded of one of my high school French classes (I say "one" because I took French every year in high school).  The teacher that year used many French folk songs to help us learn the language and one song in particular sticks out because she would dance around the classroom as the record played.  It's called:
"Je veux toute la vivre ma vie"
by Angèle Arsenault

I remember not understanding what it meant at that time and the teacher took extra time to make sure that we understood.  She said that many relationships can be stifling because they prevent each person from developing into their own God given personality.  Love is freedom.  If you truly love someone, you will not control and stifle their individual self.

Here are most of the lyrics translated through an online translate program (no punctuation I'm afraid):

"I want to live my whole life I don't want to imprison him I want it all not just little bits I want it all the whole way to live my life I want to live my whole life I don't want to imprison him I want it all not just little bits I want it all the whole way to live my life So let me do it if I jump in the air Let me exaggerate Let me laugh if I feel like laughing But let me be wrong Let me cry if I have grief Let me get back up Let me leave you in the early morning But let me love you

Let me visit all countries Let me walk around Let me choose my kind of life But let me find it Let me change my life Let me start over Let me go to the end of my madness

Let me go if I feel like going away Let me cut all links Let me even abandon you But let me find my way Let me scream if I feel like screaming Let me let off steam Leave me alone let me leave me But let me exist"

A special thanks to Angele Arsenault - Topic for sharing this on YouTube

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