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DAY#18 - Freedom Quotes: Freedom for the Captives


DAY#18 - A Month of Freedom Quotes:
Freedom for the Captives

Today we are over halfway through the month long series focusing on Freedom.  I realized that we are on the verge of losing our liberty after only one week of doing these posts.  This is a serious subject - I hope that you will pray for discernment and then stand up with strength from God to preserve our freedom.

We will begin with the basics by defining "freedom".

Freedom - the absence of necessity, coercion or constraint in choice or action
- liberation from restraint/slavery from the power of another

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Last year I did a series on Bible version Discrepancies (There are links to all 8 posts in that series at the end of this post ), where we dove deep into the Bible and studied a section of Scripture in two different Bible versions.

In the picture above, we are studying Luke 4:18 and Isaiah 61:1 because they are the exact same verse (Luke quotes directly from the Old Testament in Luke 4:18).  We are using the New King James version for Luke 4:18 and the New International Version for Isaiah 61:1.

The main discrepancy as I see it is that the New King James Version lists 3 different freedom situations as opposed to only 2 listed in the NIV:
1.  Proclaim Liberty to the captives (both versions list this one exactly).
2.  Recovery of sight to the blind. (Only listed in NKJV).  I believe this is talking about spiritual sight/understanding.
2.  Liberty to the oppressed (NKJV) and the NIV lists "prisoners released".  The NKJV makes more common sense to me.  Oppressed is defined as: having excessive or unfair burdens imposed.  An oppressed person is not necessarily imprisoned in formal jail.  That's why I believe there are three different freeing examples.

Either way, there is freedom for all captives through Jesus Christ!!  

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