Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy CANADA Day! & The Last Train Across Canada

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Happy CANADA Day! & The Last Train Across Canada

I would like to wish all of my fellow Canadians a "Happy Canada Day"!

THIS IS MIND BOGGLING:  The population of California is about 37.7 million people and the population of the entire country of Canada (including all 10 Provinces and all 3 Territories) is almost 35 million people!!  Remember that Canada is the second largest country by land mass in the world!!! - with only 35 million people spread out across the country!  
As I have mentioned before - I was born in Canada but have spent the past 20 years living in the USA.  I love both countries and am so blessed & thankful to have spent my life here in North America. 

The video below is a fantastic documentary about the last train across Canada - it shows the vast beauty of my homeland and the diversity and endurance of my fellow countrymen & women.  I know that this video is almost 2 hours long but please take the time to watch - it is so interesting & enjoyable!

NOTE:  The views expressed in this video are not necessarily my views.  Especially one particular individual who stated that he thought that the American Revolution was not necessary!  I want to make it very clear that I am thankful - no - overjoyed by the United States of America.  Can you imagine what this world would be like without the USA?  Even just talking about WWII - without the United States of America "freedom" would not be a word used in North America.  As a Canadian I realize that without the United States as our "older brother" - Canada would not and could not be what it is today!!  We have too small a population and too vast a country to be able to protect ourselves from the rest of the world - it is only because of our kind neighbor to the south that we can enjoy life as we know it - be honest with yourselves.   

OK - that's enough of my political rant - enjoy the video!!

A special thanks to "Garr1984" for sharing this video on YouTube


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  1. Happy Canada Day! do you sometimes wonder about the people who are so worried about overpopulation? They've obviously never been to Canada or the vast open lands of the U.S.

    Have a wonderful day.

    1. Thanks & yes - I really think that "the powers that be" want us to believe that overpopulation myth (not that I'm into conspiracy theories or anything like that).

  2. Happy belated Canada Day! Stopping by from THE Collective Social Blog Hop to say hi. Thank you for linking up. Have a fabulous day!

    Janise (co-host of The Collective Social Blog Hop)

  3. Thanks and I'm following your lovely blog back!


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