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Strange Stuff#2 - 13 MOONTHS & THE TURTLE SHELL


Strange Stuff #2 - 13 "MOONTHS" & THE TURTLE SHELL

This is the second post in a new series called: "Strange Stuff".  So many people shudder or blindly flee from anything labeled "conspiracy."  Why should we trust a single person's opinion that a certain topic is a "conspiracy theory"?

Let's begin by defining:
Conspiracy Theory - (Merriam-Webster) a theory that explains an event or set of circumstances as the result of a secret plot by usually powerful conspirators.   

Well, I am NOT a "Conspiracy Theorist" but rather a "Conspiracy Analyst."


Our first topic in this new series was "Vortex Math"
(click HERE to view "Vortex Math")

Today we are going to focus on the yearly calendar and the calendar that I believe God meant for us to use.
I believe in creation and it does NOT make sense to me that our heavenly Father would create a chaotic way to keep track of a year - some months with 30 days, others with 31 and then one with 28 and sometimes 29 days.  It's crazy!

So many things run on a 28 day schedule:
- ocean tides
- a woman's period
- the moon's cycle

What if there were 13 months with 28 days each?
This ancient calendar method is called "moonths" because it follows the cycle of the moon.

This is what the 13 "Moonth" Calendar would look like - it starts in April (I will explain further down in this post why it starts in April):


Below details the origins of our current month names and the "moonth" names:
April (which means "to open".  This is why it is the first month in the "moonth" calendar)
May (taken from a Greek goddess or Nephilim Maia)
June (from a god/demon called Junis)
July (named after Julius Caesar.  "Quat" means four - so the fourth month should be "Quatilis")
August (named after Augustus Caesar.  "Quint" means five - so the fifth month should be "Quintilis")
Sextilis (the month totally missing from our current calendar - "sex" meaning six, therefore "Sextilis")
September ("septem" means seven)
October ("octo" means eight)
November ("novem" means nine)
December ("decem" means ten)
January (named after demon "Janis")
February (named after demon "Februis)
March (named after god/demon of war Mars)

Turtle Shell Calendar

The Native Americans used a turtle shell as their calendar.
Did you know that most turtle shells have 13 large shapes?  And most shells have 28 smaller sections around the outer edge. (see picture below).


How amazing is it that God provided this guide in nature.  Look what it says in Job:


Biblical scholars believe that they can prove that Jesus actually died on or around April 3rd.  What if it was actually April 1st?  And satan twisted our calendar to make a mockery of that day (April "fools" day)?

The exact day does not matter in our heart & soul because we celebrate Jesus' resurrection everyday of the year!

unnamed (27)

 This Biblical calendar has 13 "moonths" of 28 days which totals 364 days.  Then, the 365th day is "Resurrection Day" celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ our Savior.

I pray that God will give you discernment as we continue to analyze so-called "conspiracy theories."

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