Gourdon Kringle Christmas Company

G.K.C.C. Gourdon Kringle Christmas Company
and the Elf Department Heads ©

For years I have been creating Elf Characters out of small gourds and making them into Christmas Tree Ornaments.  Well, this year I wrote a Children's picture book about them.

$3.99 (U.S. dollars)
Christmas traditions told in a new way by Christmas Tree ornaments made out of gourds. 
Discover the twelve Departments of the "G.K.C.C." and meet the Elves that are in charge of those Departments.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if it was Christmas everyday of the year?  Well, if you worked at the “Gourdon Kringle Christmas Company” you would know just that!  Gourdon Kringle and his department heads spend everyday of  the year getting ready for Christmas.  There are 12 Department heads and each one is responsible for a certain part of Christmas.  If you like Christmas cookies then spend some time in the kitchen with Ginger Krisp as she bakes and frosts all varieties of cookies.  If Christmas decorating is your thing then hang out with Bo Tinsel.  Maybe you think Christmas trees are the best part of Christmas.  Well, so do Spruce Tingle and his girlfriend Jennifer Conifer.  They grow miles and miles of Christmas Trees every year.  These are just a few of the Department Heads at the GKCC but there are many more and each one lends their special talents that make Christmas the best time of the year.  The only thing better than visiting the GKCC is having them come to your house and adorn your Christmas tree and make your Christmas as wonderful and magical as theirs!
Keep that Christmas spirit alive 365 days a year!

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