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Gourdon Kringle Christmas Company

G.K.C.C. Gourdon Kringle Christmas Company
and the Elf Department Heads ©

For years I have been creating Elf Characters out of small gourds and making them into Christmas Tree Ornaments.  Well, this year I wrote a Children's picture book about them.

$3.99 (U.S. dollars)
Christmas traditions told in a new way by Christmas Tree ornaments made out of gourds. 
Discover the twelve Departments of the "G.K.C.C." and meet the Elves that are in charge of those Departments.
Keep that Christmas spirit alive 365 days a year!

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Wouldn't it be great to have fresh homemade cookies waiting for your children when they come home from school? 

Try these totally original and scrumptious recipes in my ebook!!

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