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Inner Heart Cup (Thrift Store Find) - Perfect for VALENTINE'S DAY

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Inner Heart Cup (Thrift Store Find) - Perfect for VALENTINE'S DAY

We shop at our local "thrift shops" (used/recycled items) often (probably once a week).  Recently, I found these precious heart cups or mugs (I call them "inner heart" cups because there is a heart shape on the inner part of the cup where the liquid sits).  I enjoy these "Bodum type glass/mug styles.  Even though there is a double glass wall they are feather light and so comfortable to drink from.  My husband was the first to notice them and I thought "that's strange - the inner part isn't perfect."  I couldn't see the heart shape until we got home and used them for the first time (after thoroughly washing of course).  I bought them for $2 but I have since looked online and found out that they retail about $15.00 each!!  What a find!   

Below are some pictures - the inner shape doesn't truly show until the hot chocolate has been added (see hot chocolate recipe at the end of this post).


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Finally, the inner heart shows up when the dry hot chocolate packet is added!

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And even more so when pouring in the hot water!

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Orange Hot Chocolate

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