Monday, September 19, 2011

Vacuum Pack Machine

Vacuum Pack Machine

I don't know what we did before the "FoodSaver" and other vacuum pack machines like this one.  No offense to ziploc but the two can't even be compared - FoodSaver is so superior.  I used to dread eating frozen foods because they were void of any flavor.  Now, with the "FoodSaver", I never have any freezer burn and now I love the flavor of frozen food- it is just like freshly picked from the garden. 

The "FoodSaver" is very easy to use - start by sealing the bottom of the bag (place the end of the bag inside the sealing lip and press the "on" button). 

Then cut the bag off the roll - I always cut the bag large enough to use 3 times.
The cost of a large roll of vacuum pack bags is quite expensive - that is really the only downfall to this machine - The cost (it really does pay off in the end if you use it wisely).

Next step is to fill the bag with whatever produce is in season (I am using green beans today - as seen below).

And then seal the top of the bag the same way that you sealed the bottom (by placing the top of the bag in the sealing lip and pressing the "on" button).
NOTE:  There are some veggies/fruit that need to be frozen before the final seal (eg. shredded zucchini) - because of the water content - the machine would vacuum the fluid and your machine would be covered in fluid)

Last step is to place in your freezer - Enjoy in the winter!

Produce frozen this year so far:


  1. Hi I found this to be interesting, where did you buy the food saver to begin with?

    Perhaps Costco carries them, and the replacement bags.

    Thanks for this idea, I showed it to my husband and we were talking about getting one!

  2. Hi,
    I bought my "FoodSaver" and replacement bags at "Cabela's" but in the past I have also seen them at Target and I don't know about Costco because I've never been there.


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