Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Basics - Snapping Beans

The other day I was flipping through TV channels and came across somebody lining up fresh green beans and cutting off the ends - I thought it was a little funny at the time but I kept on flipping.  It wasn't until hours later that I realized that not everybody knows how easy and quick it is to "snap beans."  (and of course I didn't see the entire show, so there might have been a reason why she was meticulously cutting off the ends).  Anyway - simply hold a fresh bean in one hand and snap off each end with the other hand (I compost the ends).  It goes very quickly once you get into a rhythm.  I can't imagine having to line up a row of beans while they are rolling all around and then cutting off the ends - that would drive me crazy.  Then again, everyone is different and if that works for you then that's OK also. 


  1. Hey, Did you ever think about the 'tipping and tailing' of beans. I no longer 'tail' them. I only remove the tips and leave on the tails. They're perfectly edible, saves time and gives you more bean. Try it, you may be impressed.

  2. Thank you Deb and yes you are right - I am wasting a perfectly edible part of the bean. I won't think about how many inches of fresh green beans that I've wasted over the years :-(

    Thanks for the tip and God bless!


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