Monday, November 12, 2012

Sauder Village - GARDENS

Sauder Village - GARDENS
A month ago - I tagged along with my sister & her family - we went to a wonderful historical village (museum) in Archbold Ohio called:  SAUDER VILLAGE (click to view website)
I started thinking about the history of GARDENS and specifically in North America.  It all started with the Indians - look at their interesting style of planting (see pictures below).
 and this cool gourd wall! 
 Then for the pioneers and all the way up to the late 1800's - homestead gardening stayed similar to the pictures below (tightly fenced in to keep the critters out):

 After that we started to move into a "raised bed" type of gardening and that makes me think of the "Victory Gardens" of the World War II era (see picture below). 

Finally, today I believe we are in the midst of a new "Gardening Trend" - the "Organic Backyard Farm" movement. 

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  1. Hello! Found your blog from the etsy team forum. Love your blog!
    -Rose Curry

    1. Thanks so much - I'm going now to checkout your etsy shop!

  2. Oh my gosh! Sauder Village! My father-in-law grew up in the next town, Wauseon. I have only been inside the village a couple of times, but have stayed at the inn many times and eaten at The Barn too many times to count! The doctor's office in the village used to be my husband's great-grandfather's office. He had sold the practice to another doctor, so it does not bear his name, but we still think of it as our family's link to the museum.

    1. Holy Toledo ;-) What a small world!!!
      So does that mean that your husband's great-grandfather was originally from London Ontario (Canada)? - because we learned that the original doctor was a Canadaian. That bit of information stuck out in my mind since I'm a Canadian & I was there with my sister who still lives in Ontario.
      How cool!!!


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