Sunday, March 3, 2024

Old Fashioned Sunday Hymn Sing #126

Welcome to the 126th Old Fashioned Sunday Hymn Sing!

I miss the old hymns that I remember from my childhood - there were no drums, no electric guitar and no mind numbing beat. It was just voices and maybe a piano or an organ. The choir led the congregation in singing - and the words of these hymns are poetic. I realize that there is a need for the modern "seeker oriented" worship music - but it is also necessary to have deeper songs (no offense intended to anyone who prefers the newer church songs).

I decided to have an "Old Fashion Sunday Hymn Sing" once a month on this blog.
I personally do NOT have a great singing voice - I used to play the guitar & piano but my voice is NOT an instrument. That's the great thing about this digital hymn sing, you can warble along without being embarrassed or without offending anyone else.

The hymns that we will be studying are taken from an old hymnal from a Baptist church that is no longer in existence - "The North American Hymnal" published in 1956 by "THE ROGER WILLIAMS PRESS"

I will also try to find a version of the featured hymn on "YouTube" to share with you each month.

Today's featured hymn is "Prayer is the Soul's Sincere Desire" written by James Montgomery (1771-1854) & composed by William A.F. Schulthes (1816-1879).  James Montgomery lost his parents while he was in boarding school (his parents were missionaries in the West Indies).  Like his parents he had very strong beliefs - he protested against slavery, against the work conditions for boys who swept chimneys and also against lotteries.
He had more than 400 hymns published!

by Angie Ouellette-Tower for photo SundayPrayContinuously_zpsfrkxind3.jpg

I have included 2 videos below the lyrics.  The second version has a different melody and a few extra stanzas.

Turn with me to number 308 in your hymnals and let's sing:

Prayer Is the Soul's Sincere Desire
written by James Montgomery (1771-1854) 
composed by William A.F. Schulthes (1816-1879)

1. Prayer is the soul's sincere desire, Unutter'd or express'd, The motion of a hidden fire That trembles in the breast.

2.   Prayer is the burden of a sigh, The falling of a tear, The upward glancing of an eye When none but God is near.

3.   Prayer is the simplest form of speech That infant lips can try;  Pray'r the sublimest strains that reach The Majesty on high.

4.  O thou, by whom we come to God, The Life, the Truth, the Way, The path of prayer thyself hast trod;  Lord, teach us how to pray.


A special thanks to "megacj84" for sharing this with us!

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