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Strange Stuff#4 - The Eclipse Through an Unfiltered Lens


Strange Stuff #4 - The Eclipse Through an Unfiltered Lens

This is the fourth post in the series called: "Strange Stuff".  So many people shudder or blindly flee from anything labeled "conspiracy."  Why should we trust a single person's opinion that a certain topic is a "conspiracy theory"?

Let's begin by defining:
Conspiracy Theory - (Merriam-Webster) a theory that explains an event or set of circumstances as the result of a secret plot by usually powerful conspirators.   

Well, I am NOT a "Conspiracy Theorist" but rather a "Conspiracy Analyst."


Our third topic in this series was also about the eclipse
(click HERE to view "The Eclipse & Nineveh")

Today we are going to focus on the 4/8/2024 Eclipse viewed through an unfiltered lens.  Most of the eclipse pictures shown on the internet or featured in the news were taken with a lens filter and that's why they look mostly black with just the outer haze from the eclipse.  

I was in a 99% pathway of the most recent eclipse that occurred on 4/8/2024.  At the height (darkest part) of the eclipse all of our solar lights came on - it was much darker than these pictures show.

I did notice a few strange things:
- speedy change
- aqua blue/green dots
- lines (contrails or chemtrails)

Speedy Change

Notice the difference in the size of the middle sunspot.  I was standing in the exact same spot and these two pictures were taken only one second apart from each other.


Aqua Blue/Green Dots

This is a mystery to me.  Look at the collage below - the "dots" are circled in orange:


  The next 3 pictures below are closeups of the "dots".  I'm just thinking out loud (I don't know - just guessing) - these "dots" are one of three possibilities:
1.  A smudge on my lens (strange that it moves around though)
2.  The true color of the firmament is showing through some strange gap in the eclipse sky
3.  My guardian angel flying around (notice the third picture actually has a wing shape).

Personally, I prefer the third possibility. 

unnamed (48)

unnamed (57)

unnamed (49)

Lines (Chemtrails)

Yes, I'm going to call them "chemtrails" instead of "contrails."  Let's define the difference:

Contrail - a visible trail of streaks of condensed water vapor forming in the wake of an aircraft

Chemtrail - a contrail consisting of chemicals deliberately sprayed to manipulate the environment or the population

Many believe that chemtrails do not exist but then how can you ignore all of these very suspicious patents:

click HERE to view a huge list of GeoEngineering Patents

unnamed (19)

unnamed (22)

unnamed (25)

unnamed (58)

You be the judge - but personally, I find those patents to have many very nefarious, harmful possibilities.

Definitely some strange things but the eclipse was also very beautiful. 

unnamed (26)


unnamed (7)

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