Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Asparagus - From Spring to Winter

The season of Asparagus

Growing asparagus is very easy once the plants are established (after 2 years).  In early spring (late March or early April) the first thing to do is cut down the fern-like asparagus plant, cutting it as close to the ground as possible.  Also, clear away any leaves/twigs that might be crowding new growth.

Dried ferny asparagus plant after winter

After the dried fern-like foliage has been cut.

The new purple asparagus shoots begin to emerge.
 Then in a few days or weeks you will notice the tender purple shoots of each asparagus stalk starting to emerge.  Once each stalk is about 6 to 9 inches tall -  the harvesting begins.  Simply cut each stalk off, again as close to the ground as possible and then cook as desired.  You will notice a slow down of new growth after about 1 month (depending on the weather).
Be sure to leave a few stalks and allow them to grow into ferny foliage shown below. 
Asparagus foliage after harvest
This will reseed the asparagus for next year.                                     

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