Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Basics of Canning - Other Supplies Needed

(from left to right)
Jar lifter, Canning Funnel and a Magnetic Lid Remover

There are a few more basic supplies that you will need for canning. 

1.  Jar Lifter  - this handy utensil easily grips any scalding hot jar without any worries of burning yourself.  It is covered in rubber so you also don't have to worry about the jar slipping. 
2.  Canning Funnel - this funnel fits perfectly onto any regular or wide-mouth canning jar and allows you to pour whatever you are canning without wasting or spilling over the edge of the jar.  I prefer stainless steel but they are also available in plastic or aluminum.
3.  Magnetic Lid Remover - you can use a normal pair of cooking tongs but many times the lids will stick together and that never happens with this magnetic Lid Remover (it is also very inexpensive- only a couple of dollars).

You will also need a large "Canner" or large stock pot used for sealing the jars after they have been filled with garden produce.  Above you will see two pictures of my old rusty "Water Bath Canner."  There is also a "Pressure Canner" but we will be discussing that in another post.  Most of the canning that I do is sealed in my "water bath Canner."
There have been a few times when I used a large stock pot as my Water Bath Canner because I either didn't have my Water Bath Canner with me or I just needed some extra space.  If you use a large stock pot in place of a Canner you MUST have something on the bottom to prevent the glass jars from coming in direct contact with the pot as that will cause the jars to crack or shatter.  In the past I have used a round baking cooling rack that fit perfectly into one of my large stock pots and that worked just fine.

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