Friday, June 24, 2011

Lily of the Valley

Every year I am amazed at how this tiny delicate flower can emit such a powerful fragrance that seems to travel for acres.  When in season, the Lily of the Valley makes the entire neighborhood smell fresh, green and delightful.   In my opinion, nothing in the world smells like the Lily of the Valley. 

They are very easy to grow but if left alone for years they can take over your garden.  Therefore, Lily of the Valley plants  should be split every couple years.  Although, if you have the space, I would recommend allowing these plants to spread.  I like that wild look and it is exciting to watch the changing Lily landscape - it's almost like a Valley of Lilies.


My Lily of the Valley patch left untouched for years.
Once all of the Lily of the Valley plants have totally stopped flowering, use a shovel and dig up a thick clump of Lily of the Valley plants (see picture "A").  Then gently divide each stem base and you will notice that each stem has it's own root system.  They should separate fairly easily (see picture "B").  You will see that I was able to split my clump of Lily of the Valley into 13  plants.  Then of course, you would plant each separated stalk where you desire.

A: Clump of Lily of the Valley plants

B:  Clump separated into individual plants

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  1. Lilies of the Valley are my favorite flowers! Unfortunately, the last time my husband bought them for me last Mother’s Day, my eyes were swollen for a couple of days! My husband had to give them to our daughter. I was so SAD!!
    I found out that my name, Susan, in Hebrew, means Lily!


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