Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Basics - How to Cut a Fresh, Whole Pineapple

The Basics - How to Cut a Fresh, Whole Pineapple

Pineapple is so healthy and when eaten fresh it contains "Bromelain" - which is a very important
 anti inflammatory enzyme.

The first time that I peeled a whole pineapple I was worried that I was going to waste the entire pineapple (and my money) - but if you follow these steps you will see that cutting pineapple is easy.

Also, I use fresh cut pineapple in my
Chicken Pineapple Kabob recipe.

STEP 1:  Cut off the top green part of the pineapple and place the entire pineapple cut side down on a plate.  Allow this to sit at room temperature overnight. (by turning upside down gravity pulls the pineapple juice down and evenly spreads out all of the juices) 


STEP 2:  Cut off the other end of the pineapple.
STEP 3:  Place securely on a cutting board and begin slowly slicing off the skin from top to bottom (as seen in the 2 pictures above) ALWAYS BE CAREFUL WHEN CUTTING ANYTHING!

STEP 4:  Discard or compost the peelings.
STEP 5:  Now cut the peeled pineapple into quarters (as seen in the picture below).

STEP 6:  You will notice that the core is white - Make a diagonal slice along each side of the core (it should resemble a "V" slice) and the core should just pop out (as seen in the picture below) (discard or compost the core)
STEP 7:  Now cut each cored quarter in half and slice into smaller triangular shapes (as seen in the very first picture)


  1. That's pretty neat. I always halve mine, cut out the core, slice and then remove the outer edge. I think your way looks faster.

    1. Thanks. Like I always say - there is more than 1 way to do the same thing.

  2. Wonderful.. Thanks for sharing!!
    God Bless you!

  3. This looks wonderful! I live in the Midwest, and it seems like we have a hard time getting good, sweet pineapples. I'd love to hear any tips you have for selecting one at the store.

    1. I always rely on smell when picking out a pineapple. I'm not sure if this is the way that the "pros" do it but I smell the bottom and pick the one that smells the most like a pineapple. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Hello there Angie - and thanks for the tips on the pineapple. I regularly wish I could cut one without losing half of it, although I do have a gizmo (gadget) that will allow me to cut one into rings. Only trouble with it is that there is a design fault with it and it regularly breaks at the spot one turns the flipping thing to get the core out! So, while my current one is working, your tutorial will be invaluable!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog at - we look forward to meeting you on a regular basis and will be following you as well!

  5. Great post. I always have a rough time with the core. Your way should make
    my next attempt less ....messy!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog. It is nice meeting you.
    My best,

  6. Great information! Fresh pineapple is one of my most favorite things!

  7. I've wanted to buy pineapples so many times when I've seen them on sale but was always scared that I ruin it trying to get into it. Now maybe next time I can go ahead and get one.


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