Monday, February 6, 2012

Seed Catalogs - 3rd Review

If you have ever asked for a "High Wheel Cultivator" for your anniversary or birthday.......then you might just be a "Garden Nerd".

Over the next few months I will be reviewing and grading some of the seed catalogs that I have received for 2012.

Here's how it works - There are 4 categories:
A:  Variety of seeds and plants
B: Unique Items - original items that I have not seen in any other catalog
C: Visual - cover and content - graphics
D: Organization - are the items easy to find? and does the overall catalog flow well?.

The grading system:

and an extra Bonus Point for excelling in 1 area

Each category will be graded using this system making "9" the perfect score (including the Bonus point).

Please feel free to participate - if you have ever ordered anything from any of these catalogs then please feel free to comment.....good or bad.  Afterall - I am giving these companies free advertisement.  ENJOY!

Seed Catalogs - 3rd Review (Farmer Seed and Nursery)

A:  This catalog has shrubs and flowering trees as well as flowers, fruit trees and vegetable seeds - However there was not a large variety in each category.
1.5 points
B: Voodoo Bulb Calla Lily           
      Brandywine - Purple Raspberry 
1 point

C:  I like the Logo and the size of the catalog but I did not like the inside layout at all.
1 point

D:  Not a good flow - very choppy
1 point

No bonus point

That makes a grand total of 4.5 


  1. Two months and I can get back in my own garden :)

  2. No garden here :( I live in an apartment and we have a common garden on the entrance of the building, but just the landlord takes care of that

    1. So sorry about that - you may not be able to work in a garden but at least there is a garden for you to enjoy :-)


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