Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Basics - Optimizing Your Garden Space

The Basics - Optimizing Your Garden Space

Over the years, my husband & I have found 3 ways to Optimize Your Garden Space:

1.  Timing
This is the second genius garden idea that my husband had this year.  Pay attention to the length of each crop - then you are able to plant at least 2 different crops in 1 space per year (more than 2 crops if you live in a warmer climate).  For example - in the picture above we just planted our sweet potato sets in the furrows/hills (you can barely see them because we literally just planted them).  In between the furrows we have planted cool weather crops like: radishes, peas, spinach and other greens.  By the time the sweet potato plants are large, creeping along the ground and taking up space - the cool weather crops will already be finished growing and harvested.

2. Mix & Match
Pay attention to size.  For example - in the picture above - we have planted our rose hip bushes and our rhubarb plants together.  The rose hips grow very tall (well, they are young right now but in a few years they will be many feet taller).  The rhubarb is low (comparatively speaking) and bushier.  Planting every other one - rose hip, rhubarb, rose hip, rhubarb..... etc   The lower space is filled in by the rhubarb and the taller area is occupied by the rose hips.

3. Outside the Box
Be creative and think outside the box.  Just as I explained in detail a few days ago - use space that might be used for some other purpose.  Example (click if you want more details)-Growing Potatoes in a Compost Pile.  Other examples:  you might live in an apartment but have a sunny balcony - why not try a planter garden?  Or maybe you have discovered hammock gardening with all the swaying beauty ........(JUST MAKING SURE THAT YOU WERE PAYING ATTENTION    ;-)  (Seriously though - if you can figure that out I think Hammock gardening would be so cool).



  1. Oh I miss gardening. I don't have a yard anymore, but when I have one again, I'm painting my thumb green.

  2. A hammock garden would be perfect! As long as I could garden while IN the hammock!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  3. Wouldn't it be nice to lie in a hammock and be able to still do your gardening? Weeding from the hammock -- what an idea!


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