Saturday, June 23, 2012

Freezing Fresh Strawberries

Freezing Fresh Strawberries

Another easy and tasty garden fresh item to preserve for the winter - Strawberries.  If you use a
"Vacuum Packer" (like I do) then, in the middle of winter, your frozen strawberries will taste as if you just picked them from the garden. 

Wash, drain and hull your strawberries.  (There are many "experts" that say that you cannot wash any berries before freezing.  Well, I try to be as "organic" as possible and the farm where I bought these berries was not an organic farm - I wash my berries before freezing and I have never had problems).  Spread your prepared strawberries on a wax paper lined cookie sheet (see picture above).  Place them in a freezer for about 3 to 4 hours (or until strawberries feel frozen).  Freezing the berries first will help prevent them from sticking together in the bag.

Now fill your baggies - I put 2 cups of frozen strawberries in 1 bag. I use a vacuum packer but using ziploc baggies is also an option.  

Then seal each bag according to the manufacturer's instructions. Label and then it will be ready for winter usage. 


Freeze before vacuum packing! - If you seal before freezing then you will have strawberry juice all over the counter and inside your vacuum packing machine (and the bag will not seal properly).


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  1. Thanks for this great tip! I never got into canning so freezing is my favorite way to preserve food. And I love strawberries!!!


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