Monday, June 25, 2012

Tools - High Wheel Cultivator

High Wheel Cultivator

This is my favorite garden tool.  There is no bending over or working on your knees - just simply walk behind this garden tool and push.  This was an anniversary present from my husband a few years ago..........yep - I'm strange - I'd rather have a tool like this as a gift instead of diamonds or bought roses.

There are a few flaws however, there are 3 different heights and it is not simple to change from low to high and since my husband is 6'3" and I am 5'5" - this causes a problem.  Also, there are different attachments for creating rows or for making a furrow and those are also not simple to change back and forth.

The good far out weigh the bad when it comes to the High Wheel Cultivator.

In the picture above - the right side has just been cultivated and the left side has not been cultivated.

Same idea as before - in the picture above the top has NOT been cultivated and the bottom has been cultivated.


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  1. Wow, such a pretty pic, especially the last one. I do like it, but creative people like tools, so I guess that is strange. I can see why you'd be elated to receive one as a present.

  2. Wow, this is making me miss my yard! Condo living has its pros and cons...

    Thanks for coming by Happy Hour Projects. Following you now!

    Happy Hour Projects

  3. I ask for tools as presents too. :)
    (New follower from Blogging Buddies)

  4. What a neat tool. It looks so great, too!

  5. looks like a cool vintage tool! too bad it wouldn't work here in NC clay. hahaha

  6. Wow...this is really cool! I've never seen one before, thanks for sharing!

    Thanks for linking up with Green Thumb Thursday. I hope you join us again this week!



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