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Welcome! Wake Up Wednesday Linky #125

Welcome to another Wonderful #WakeUpWednesdayLinky! #125

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This weeks 
Featured Bloggers

Music Teaching and Parenting

Parents and teachers have the most difficult job in the world. With that comes a lot of fulfillment. But having periods when you feel burnout is also natural.

We all need ways to restore our energy. Although this can be different for different people, there are some common traits that help us fight burnout. Read on.

Elderflower Cookie Bites With Raspberries
Use Your Noodles

I probably can’t express how anxiously I’m waiting for it every year. Elderflower is my definite favorite spring thing, apart from the sun .  Why? Firstly, it smells heavenly. Second, the possibilities to use it are endless. Thirdly, it’s so girly.

Deep Roots at Home

I draw my inspiration for my clothing from my two little ladies (Olivia, 3 and Kate, 16 months) and classic children’s garments of the past while also incorporating the best elements of current fashion. The end result is something that is beautiful, modest, and feminine, but comfortable, functional and fun to wear at the same time.


We don’t go to IHOP very often, but when we do, I love to order Strawberry Cheesecake Pancakes.  And why wouldn’t I? I mean, the taste alone is brilliant, but when you look at all those strawberries and know that there are little bites of cheesecake just waiting to be had–well, that is entirely reason enough to indulge.

Three Cheese Mini Macaroni Cups
Create With Joy

When you think of comfort food, what dishes come to mind? Chances are high that macaroni and cheese quickly rolled off of your tongue!
Did you know that macaroni and cheese has been on America’s top ten list of comfort food for decades and consistently ranks on the top ten list of favorite foods for children as well?

OREO Pudding Cake
Eat Move Make

Who doesn’t love an OREO dessert? This OREO pudding cake recipe brings together the bittersweet cocoa of OREO cookies and the creaminess and sweetness of chocolate pudding, cream cheese and whipped topping. There’s really no way to go wrong here.

Patriotic Tin Can Craft
The Everyday Home

I collect tin cans like they are going out of style.

I really do.
Coffee cans. Vegetable cans.  I collect them all.
I can’t help it.  I keep telling myself enough is enough, but then I create
a cute, craft project with them and it only solidifies my need.

Women and Depression
Improve Your Mental Health

Depression is not a sign of weakness or a character flaw. It’s an illness that needs to be treated. Although this mental disorder can affect both men and women, it is more prevalent in women. The causes and symptoms are often different for every woman and there is no “one size fits all” treatment. When a woman is suffering from clinical depression, it stops her from being at her best. This disorder is a serious condition that can have a major impact in a woman’s life. It can affect her relationships, job, social life and sense of self-worth.

Lemon Pie Ice Cream Sundae Recipe
Flavours & Frosting

SUMMER that´s a word we´ve all being looking forward to! Right? It´s the Season for Sun, Vacation and Barbecue (or “braai” as we say in SA). To celebrate it, I’ve teamed up with a group of amazing Food Bloggers to bring you 50 delicious recipes to celebrate this Summer in BBQ style! For this I´ve made this Lemon Pie Ice Cream Sundae Recipe. Scroll down to the bottom to see all the other recipes for our Great Blogger BBQ!


The time to honor Dad is just around the corner. This is the day I take over the BBQ and hand out the beer! In my home the guys take off to the golf course while the gals shop and then prepare a feast fit for a King! This is a list of some of the recipes we have been known to prepare. Hope you enjoy them!


It’s summer time and you know what that means… fresh strawberry recipes! I don’t know if you know this, but we love strawberry desserts, strawberry salads, and anything strawberry.  I always love finding recipes that are refreshing and delicious to serve to guests or to enjoy with your family. This Strawberry Cantaloupe Prosciutto Bruschetta with Balsamic Glaze recipe looks beautiful on your summer table as it is eating it.

How Deep Breathing can Help Anxiety
Improve Your Mental Health

You wouldn’t think that the way we breathe could change or affect so much in our bodies and minds. I didn’t even know that we could breathe in different ways.   However, when I began having problems with increasing asthma with chest colds, breathing suddenly became much more important to me. We take advantage of every breath we take because our body does the work so naturally to where we don’t have to think about it. Not until we are deprived of it do we immediately see how much we need it.
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