Sunday, February 21, 2021

Biblical Laws of Justice


Biblical Laws of Justice

When things seem so complicated it is sometimes a good idea to go back to basics.  If you have been following the ongoing court cases regarding this past Autumn election, then you will understand why I thought we should focus on what God says about "justice."

We will begin by defining JUSTICE:
Justice - the maintenance or administration of what is just, fair or moral. 


"False reports" sounds a lot like "fake news".  A falsity can just be an outright lie or it also happen by omission.  Many of our modern day "fact-checkers" twist the truth and by not including certain details are in fact lying themselves.  Just tell the whole truth and nothing but.  


Last year we learned about "malice" - click HERE to view that post.  


It is very difficult to take a stand in a crowd and this applies both in the literal sense and in the moral sense.  Justice will not occur if you are just "going with the flow."  (click HERE to read about 4 ways to STAND).  


These verses are very interesting - it is equally important not to give special treatment to someone because they are poor and at the same time making sure not to ignore them and deny justice.  


Justice must be neutral and fair, equal treatment even to an enemy. (this reminds me of the Parable of the Good Samaritan - click HERE to read)  


This verse sounds exactly like "innocent until proven guilty."  


The wording in the above verse is so amazing - how true that a bribe blinds and twists.  When someone in authority is bribed, then the truth is twisted and justice is blinded. 

It's actually really simple - just live righteously and tell the truth in every aspect of your life.


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