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Trees #15 - LEAVES



We are continuing the second phase of our Bible study on trees by studying the different parts like: roots, branches, trunk and leaves.

In today's continuation of the trees series, we will be focusing on the LEAVES.

This is Part#15 on "Leaves".

We begin in Genesis at the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve used leaves as clothing after they had disobeyed God and eaten from the Tree of Knowledge (see Bible verse below):


 (we touched on this verse in part#2 click HERE to view "From the Fall to Forgiveness.")

"Leaves" are also used as symbolism throughout the Bible.  In the passage below we see that the righteous believer is being compared to a thriving green leaf:

"Those who trust in their riches will fall,
    but the righteous will thrive like a green leaf."
Proverbs 11:28

 Or in Jeremiah 17, where anyone who trusts in the Lord is again compared to a thriving green leaf.  This was part of my "FearNot" series (click HERE to view: "FearNot#6 - No Fear When Heat Comes.")


 We complete our study on leaves with my favorite - the Tree of Life and specifically the leaves that become medicine to heal all the nations.  See both passages below (Ezekiel and Revelation):



What an unimaginable joy that will be to eat from the Tree of Life and be healed by the leaves from that Tree!
But for now, let's strife to be that righteous green leaf that never withers from the difficult hot times.

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