Monday, August 1, 2011

Soap Berries

Soap Does Grow On Trees
  by Tracey Burroughs
If you are anything at all like me, you probably search for alternatives to chemical products used in your everyday needs.  You will find that there are not many out there readily available to purchase.  Many products labeled “natural” declare this falsely.  In my research, I have found a wonderful substitute for cleaning…soap berries a.k.a soap nuts.  These berries are grown on Sapindus Mukorossi trees in the Far East containing an ingredient called saponin that acts as a cleansing agent.  They are simply used and their price is comparable to the traditional laundry detergent bought at common stores.  Although the berries have many purposes, I will mainly share about their laundry function.

Due to being 100% natural with no chemicals added, no residue remains on your clothing or any foreign odor.  Not only are your clothes clean but there is a specific softness benefited to them without any use of an added fabric softener.  These berries have the ability of use for 4-6 loads (dependent on your preference).  All you have to do is place 5-6 soap berries in a tied muslin bag. 
Toss the bag in your washer and you are ready to add your clothing and start your load.  Soap berries are ideal for cleaning cloth diapers because they remove the odor highly effectively and do not clog the fibers of the diaper with chemical residue that could lead to diaper rash, as the diapers would not be as absorbent because of the clogged fibers.  As a matter of fact, soap berries remove chemical detergent residue from past loads.  Soap berries can be used in three different forms; raw berries, liquid and powder.  Some other possible uses for the soap berries are: all purpose cleaner, shampoo, jewelry cleaner, pesticide and many more roles.

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