Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dehydrating Blueberries

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Dehydrating Blueberries
I had never tried dried blueberries before dehydrating them myself.  I had seen them in the store but never bought them to try because they are so expensive - well now I know why.  It took my dehydrator more than 3 days to dehydrate these blueberries!!!  But WOW are they ever delicious!! 

On Wednesday of this coming week I will be sharing with you a new cookie recipe that I created using dried blueberries - so check back if you can.

STEP 1:  Discard/compost the bad (or rotting) blueberries.
STEP 2:  Wash, drain & lightly pat dry the good blueberries.
STEP 3: Arrange the blueberries on the dehydrator tray and then turn the dehydrator on - at the manufacturer's specified temperature and time. (It took my dehydrator 3 1/2 days to dry 4 racks of blueberries).
STEP 4: (see picture below) Once they are dry like raisins (still a little "spongy") then they are ready to be eaten or stored.  I placed them in an airtight container for later usage. ENJOY!

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  1. Yummy.
    Hope to try them. I have five blueberry bushes.
    Woolie hugs


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