Thursday, February 28, 2013

Chain "Linky" CLIMB #1

 Chain Linky Climb, by Angie Ouellette-Tower for

I would like to start by apologizing for the confusion 2 days ago when I introduced this blog hop (blog CLIMB).  I didn't do a very good job at explaining and by the end of the day on Tuesday - I was even confused myself ;-) 

However, this confusion did help me "Tweak" the climb a little

"Chain Linky Climb" by Angie Ouellette-Tower for photo ClimbIntro_zpse00fce0d.jpg


There are 2 different ways to "Climb" around:

1.  If you want to be a co-host - then simply enter your blog in the "Thumbnail Picture Linky" below (next to my blog button) - By entering here you agree to post this blog hop on your blog (once I have sent you the information).  This is a "first come first serve" spot - the first person to enter here will be the next CHAIN (the next co-host).  Once Chain#2 posts this blog hop (blog CLIMB) on their blog then I will take the first person linking up to this Picture Linky after that -  for the third Chain spot (co-host).  We will keep going all month and see how many Chains that we can add!  (NOTE- this linky requires my approval - so your link won't show up right away)

2.  The "Text Linky" is like a normal blog hop where anyone can link up their family friendly blog.  This will also last all month & we will see how many links we can add here. 


 photo Climbthumbnail_zps9128169f.jpg

___Follow each member of the CHAIN GANG below ___

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Copyright, Permissions & Disclaimer

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Please Link up your family friendly blog below!!- (in blue where it says "click here to enter") 



  1. Not too sure how this works lol - and not sure if I'm the first - but we'll see - I linked up to guest host!

    1. You are the first - WHOO HOO!! I will send you an email in a few minutes. I guess it's still confusing because nobody (except myself as an example)has linked up to the regular blog hop which is below the second purple box.
      Anyway - thanks so much!

  2. I'm still confused as to how this works. If the host for the next round is the second link in 1st hop, then why would anyone add a link after the slot has already been filled? If it lasts for one month, does that mean we come back and keep checking for new hosts? It seems that only the first participants would benefit from this type of hop, because the last ones to enter would have to follow all chains (plus a few links from bottom linky?), unless people keep coming back to check in on the progress. Will you be reposting this weekly to check on and share the progress? And having two linky widgets in one hop is also confusing, although I'm sure we could get used to it. I'm just not sure how it would all work out. Sorry...Still confused!

    1. OH my - I'm so sorry - I've done such a terrible job at explaining.
      The bottom text linky is where EVERYONE is supposed to link up & that portion is like a regular blog hop where you can visit other blogs. ALSO you only have to follow the amount of hosts that are there when you link up - you don't have to check back. So right now there are only 2 hosts to follow - but nobody has linked up in the bottom portion yet. OH boy - I feel like I'm Inspector Clouseau from The Pink Panther and my English is so poor that nobody can understand ehhhhhhh!
      Thank you for trying - please enter your blog in the bottom portion to get this CLIMB going.
      Thanks again.

    2. OH - and the third co-host will be chosen when the second host places this hop on her blog - that's why it is a CLIMB - slowly building throughout the month. The only thing is that we need people to link up at the bottom.
      Like W.C. Fields said: "If at first you don't succeed try try again." - I'm not giving up on this CLIMB yet - i think I might still need to tweak it though.
      So sorry again.

    3. Angie,
      I hope I'm not the reason for the postponing! I just didn't understand completely. I think you've answered the questions that I had, though. =0)
      I look forward to it.

    4. No no - not at all - don't worry. I have confused everyone - even my family (hahahaha) - it has given me a good laugh though (laughing at myself). It made sense in my mind though.
      Please check back March 31st - I will try my best to make it more user friendly.
      Thanks again!!


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