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How to Avoid Impulse Buying & Save in the Process - Disountrue

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How to avoid impulse buying and save in the process?

Impulsive buying is a phenomenon and a term used to describe every purchasing decision that we make on the spot or purchase that is not planned or not well-thought-out. In other words, our brain reacts due to the impulse and instinct not because we have made a rational decision and not as a result of rational thinking. The products or services we buy as a result of impulsive buying are usually products that we won’t use after the purchase simply because we didn’t need them in the first place.

Although the final decision is made by the buyer, it doesn’t mean that this is completely their fault. Sellers know all the weaknesses of an average buyer and they use various methods to get advantage of these weaknesses and make them buy things that they wouldn't normally consider. The basic goal of every seller is to sell as many products as they can. You can easily notice the tricks they use in the shops – pleasant smells in the store, pleasant music, huge signs with slogans (discounts and offers), products with lower price are placed near the cash registers so that buyers can buy some of them while waiting to pay etc.

In order to resists impulse buying, you will need to make extra efforts and you will also need to prepare well. The following is a shortlist of things that should help you in the process.

Online shopping

If you feel in the mood for shopping it is best to use the Internet. In this way you won’t be that much affected by the tricks used by sellers because you will buy things from the comfort of your home, relaxed and focused. In addition, you can easily find coupon codes like those featured at Discountrue and reduce expenses. Online shopping lets you browse many different stores, compare their prices and make a smart choice.

Make a plan

Write down on a piece of paper (or on your computer in case you are shopping online) all the things that you actually need. Select a store that is known for quality products and fair prices and take the paper with you. Buy only the things you have planned to buy. Keep in mind that the list you’ve made was rational and don’t get distracted by anything else.

Learn how to say NO to your children

It is true that saying NO to your kids is very difficult because we want to make them happy at all times. However, we also know that children don’t know what they really need. In addition, we sometimes cannot afford the things they want. If you are shopping with your children try to make shopping a fun activity. Create a list together with your children and ask them to find the things you need in the store.

Avoid using credit cards

Many experts suggest that buying with cash makes it easier to track how much money you have spent. This means that it will be much easier to determine the difference about the things that you really need. Credit cards that allow us to buy now and pay later certainly won’t help us. Even if you use a debit card you can easily get carried away because the money looks like something fictional and not real. If you want to find out more, please read an indepth report prepared by Discountrue about the effects credit cards have on our buying decisions.

Don’t start shopping when you are hungry

Few studies have confirmed that even if you feel a little bit hungry before you go shopping, you will be distracted by your hunger and you will want to buy things faster and the risk to buy unnecessary things is much higher. On top of that, you will be forced to buy some snacks and eat them fast which is not good for your health.
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