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Featuring products from "Mary's Heirloom Seeds"!!

This week I am featuring TOMATOES
This veggie (technically a fruit) is a winter staple and the base for so many delicious meals.

The following are TOMATO blog posts that I have previously shared with you:
(click on each title to view the entire post)

There are many tomato varieties to grow in your garden but I recommend Roma tomatoes for canning sauce.  Here are some fun tomato varities:
Three Unique Tomato Varieties

Tomato Desperados - SNACK

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Tomato Bacon Cheese by Angie Ouellette-Tower for photo 008_zps48fb5d39.jpg

Here is my recipe for tomato sauce which is more than just pasta sauce!
Making & Canning Tomato Sauce

And then 6 different meals that can be made with home canned tomato sauce as the base!
Tomato Soup Made from Home Canned Tomato Sauce
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There are so many amazing TOMATO varieties available at Mary's Heirloom Seeds !  I have a couple favorites: Amish Paste Tomato variety, "Amana's Orange Tomato", Yellow Pear Tomatoes and Red Cherry Tomatoes.  
Click on each title if you would like to purchase and grow your own!:

Pink Oxheart Tomato (currently on SALE!) - $0.99 a packet

Mary's Tomato Lover Combo Pack (includes 6 varieties of heirloom tomato seeds) - $17.00
and so much more!

Checkout this great starter kit:
Grow Your Own Herbal "Medicine" Kit-  $25.00
This combo pack includes 7 herb varieties and supplies!  This includes 1 full pack of the following varieties:
Genovese Basil, Calendula, Echinacea Purpurea, German Chamomile, Mugwort, Oregano and Yarrow
-24 Coconut Coir pellets
-Plant markers

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God’s Growing Garden Giveaways

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