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Biblical Anatomy #6 - EARS


Biblical Anatomy #6 - EARS
Today we continue studying in the series called "Biblical Anatomy."

Anatomy - is the study of parts and structures of organisms.

What is "Biblical Anatomy" you might ask?  It is the study of the structure of the Christian Body.  

Today we focus on the EARS:

Ear - the vertebrate organ of hearing, responsible for maintaining equilibrium as well as sensing sound.  In mammals the ear is divided into the external ear, the middle ear, and the inner ear..

We will begin by learning if our Heavenly Father puts any emphasis on EARS.
Look at the verse below - God's ears are attentive to our prayers!!!  
God listens to our prayers!

Just to clarify, the word "attentive" is not in common everyday use, therefore it is a good idea to define.
Attentive - Showing care for the needs or desires of others;
alert or observant.
This explains that God, by being "attentive" to our prayers is more than just listening to us - He is caring for us!  He is providing, protecting, guiding and yes, even answering "no" to some of our requests (because it will be for our good in the long run).

You might be asking if God would ever ignore our prayers.  The verse below shows how vital it is to live our life like Jesus lived.  Especially when talking about how we treat those around us who are in more difficult situations (like the poor).
If we ignore our fellow man/woman in need, then our cries will NOT be heard by God.


Going back the the definition of ear, I find it very important that there are three depths to our ears: outer, middle and inner.

The outer in Biblical terms is like getting our attention: "Listen up!", "Hey you, pay attention!"  As an example see the verse below:

"Whoever has ears, let them hear."
Matthew 11:15

The middle is when we begin to really listen and think about what we are hearing.  Finally, the inner is when we remember and are able to repeat what we have heard.

A warning or caution about the worldly.  There will come a time (although I truly think that time is now), when people will not allow God's voice to penetrate into their soul.  They will find false speakers to satisfy what they want to hear (their "itching ears") (see verse below).


Let's allow God's voice to permeate our inner ear/our soul!

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