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God's Power Within Us #2 - Strengthened with the Holy Spirit's Might


God's Power Within Us #2 - Strengthened with the Holy Spirit's Might

Today we continue learning about God's Power within us.  God's Word is full of passages talking about His power and showing us that we have nonstop access to His strength every second of every day.

Today we will be focusing on Ephesians 3:14-21

Remember, Jesus said that we (Spirit filled Christians) are able to perform all of the miraculous works that Jesus did when He was here in human form.  Actually, Jesus said that we would do EVEN GREATER than what He did (see Scripture passage below).


John 14:12-14 also shows us how powerful the name of Jesus Christ is:  "If you ask anything in My name".  (It is important to note that these miracles must glorify our Heavenly Father).

Since there are so many wonderful "Power" passages in God's Word, I decided to write a "Power" post on the last Sunday of every month.

Below are the featured "power" verses for this month:


In the passage above it is important to note that God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit are all mentioned because it is for His glory and NOT ours.  It is His Spirit within us that gives us His strength with His might.  Notice it's not just one or the other - not just His strength OR His might.  
NO - it's His strength WITH His might.

Let's define "might" - the power, energy, authority, or intensity of which one is capable.

That's amazing!!!  We are strengthened daily by His energy!!!


This entire passage (all 8 verses) is overflowing with God's power!!  In verses 17-19 (see above), the focus is on Christ's love and oh it is so powerful!  It is because of Jesus' love for ALL of us that He sacrificed Himself so that we will ALL have eternal life when we accept His free gift of unconditional & everlasting love.  Then that means we are filled to the brim with the "fullness of God"!!!!


Finally, verses 20 to 21 state that our God provides "exceedingly abundantly ABOVE ALL that we ask or think"!!!!  
More than we can even fathom! 

To God be the glory forever & ever!

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