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God's Power Within Us #8 - God's Light Shines in our Hearts

Today we continue learning about God's Power within us.  God's Word is full of passages talking about His power and showing us that we have nonstop access to His strength every second of every day.

Today we will be focusing on 2 Corinthians 4 (entire chapter)

Remember, Jesus said that we (Spirit filled Christians) are able to perform all of the miraculous works that Jesus did when He was here in human form.  Actually, Jesus said that we would do EVEN GREATER than what He did (see Scripture passage below).


John 14:12-14 also shows us how powerful the name of Jesus Christ is:  "If you ask anything in My name".  (It is important to note that these miracles must glorify our Heavenly Father).

Below is the featured "power" passage for May:

2 Corinthians 4

We begin by focusing on something so simple and practical - "setting forth the truth plainly."  Paul is explaining that when he shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ he does NOT have to use trickery or deception, nor does he have to twist God's Word.  Instead, he simply puts forth the truth.  
Truth is powerful!
(see Scripture passage below)


Light is truly amazing.  If you are in a dark room, just a little bit of light will be able to be seen by all in that room - light overcomes darkness.  If you are in a sun filled room - it is impossible to overcome light with darkness.
In the Bible passage below we learn that God has made His light shine in our hearts.  And this light allows us to see clearly and understand!  God's glory is displayed in light!


This understanding is like gold - so valuable!  As we learn from the Bible verse below, Jesus' light that shines in our heart is the "all-surpassing power of God."

Let's define "surpass" 
Surpass - greatly exceeding others

It is vital to note that this power is NOT from us - it is from God (again, see verse below)


In verse 15 it says:

 "All this is for your benefit, so that the grace that is reaching more and more people may cause thanksgiving to overflow to the glory of God."

The grace (forgiveness and everlasting life) that is possible through Jesus Christ, shines from all believers and overflows from each one of us;  thereby reaching those around us! 


God's light that fills our heart benefits both us and those around us (see passage above).  God's glory is seen by those around us through our actions and our words.  This light also renews us daily!!  God's light is everlasting.  

Even though our physical bodies wear down - our inner strength and wisdom continues to get stronger because we are filled with God's light.

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