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Trees #14 - BRANCHES (Part#2 - Grafted Branches)


TREES #14 - BRANCHES (Part#2 - Grafted Branches)

A few months ago we learned that Jesus Christ is referred to as "The Branch" in the Old Testament.  Today we are learning about "Grafted branches" and what that means or symbolizes.

This is Trees#14 focusing on "Grafted Branches" and specifically studying Romans 11:11-24.

You might not know what "grafting" is - it's truly amazing!
Grafting - is a cultivation technique that joins two different types of plant tissues until they completely grow together as one plant/tree.  Example - taking a branch from a Golden Delicious Apple tree and grafting it onto a Red Delicious Apple tree (picture below shows that example).  You might also see advertisements for trees that grow 5 different kinds of fruit.  These are examples of grafted branches into one fruit tree.

Paul wrote the book of Romans and he was a "Gentile".  Remember, we are all one in Christ!

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.
Galatians 3:28


This entire Bible study today explains how we become one family or one tree in Christ.

In the verses above we see how God made salvation through Jesus Christ available for both Jews and Gentiles.
Remember that the tribes of Israel were scattered to the ends of the earth (in the near future we will be doing a series on the tribes of Israel) - even all of those tribes, along with the Gentiles have become one in Christ.

Also, remember that the Jews rejected Jesus as the Messiah - it is like they have been broken off from the tree (see the Bible verse below).


 It is important to note that our Heavenly Father is the root who gives us nourishment and sustains us through any type of weather condition. (see verse below)



God Almighty wants all of us to be one in this glorious tree.  God desires for those who rejected Jesus to come back to Him (see verses above)..

It doesn't matter if you come from a "wild tree" or are a "natural branch" - we are all part of the same tree through "grafting" in Jesus Christ.

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