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Hosted by:
Angie @ God's Growing Garden
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Angel @ Sew Crafty Angel
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Our Permanent Week#2 Co-hosts
Anna @ Cuddlebug Cuties
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Bev @ Eclectic Red Barn
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Our Permanent Week#3 Co-hosts
Miranda @ The Myrabev Life
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Colleen @ Butterfly in the Attic
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Rebeca @ Lincluden Cottage Life
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Our Permanent Week#4 Co-hosts
April @ April Noelle
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Darlene @ Let It Shine
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You @ Your Blog
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You @ Your Blog

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August 2016 CLIMB Giveaway Winner is: E.N.
July 2016 CLIMB Giveaway Winner is: M.L. & H.F.
June 2016 CLIMB Giveaway Winner is: S.E.T.
May 2016 CLIMB Giveaway Winner is: D.G.
April 2016 CLIMB Giveaway Winner is: K.D.
March 2016 CLIMB Giveaway Winner is: H.P.
February 2016 CLIMB Giveaway Winner is: K.S.
January 2016 - No CLIMB & NO Giveaway
December 2015 CLIMB Giveaway Winner is: J.M.
November 2015 CLIMB Giveaway Winner is: B.W.
October 2015 CLIMB Giveaway Winner is: M.L.
September 2015 CLIMB Giveaway Winner is: C.W.
August 2015 CLIMB Giveaway Winner is: S.W.
July 2015 CLIMB Giveaway Winner is: D.C.
June 2015 CLIMB Giveaway Winners are: P.S. & J.M.
May 2015 CLIMB Giveaway Winners are: E.D.
April 2015 CLIMB Giveaway Winners are: L.L.
March 2015 CLIMB Giveaway Winners are: A.H.
February 2015 CLIMB Giveaway Winners are: S.L. & Lisa
January 2015 CLIMB Giveaway Winners are: T.F. & M.D.
December 2014 CLIMB Giveaway Winners are: S.G.& E.F.
November 2014 CLIMB Giveaway Winners are:L.M.& V.D.
October 2014 CLIMB Giveaway Winner is: L.H.
September 2014 CLIMB Giveaway Winner is: H.B.
August 2014 CLIMB Giveaway Winner is: C.C.
July 2014 CLIMB Giveaway Winner is: S.W.
The June 2014 CLIMB Giveaway Winner is: N.O.


  1. so here are my blogs -

  2. Thank you for stopping by my page and for inviting me to join your link up. I think it's a wonderful idea! I am following you and your cohosts everywhere! Have a great weekend!

  3. I do like this idea and thank you for acknowledging my interest in co-hosting. :)


  4. What a brill idea!!! I hope your blog climbs for wanting to help us all out !!! I just came back to blogland , once I start crafting I will certainly join the climb!!!! I am following you on blogger, google +, pinterest and twitter!

  5. Thanks so much everything~ I was so happy to have won the October Climb~ Lynn

  6. Just found this Climb and started following you on bloglovin. Will stop by often!

  7. Thank you for hosting this amazing climb. I have followed all the hosts on facebook with my facebook page (Back To My Roots). I look forward to reading all your amazing posts :)
    I have also submitted my interest in hosting a climb. Thank you!!

    1. Thank you so much for Climbing with us! I tried to find your facebook page "Back To My Roots" but there are so many with that name - please provide the url to your facebook page so that I can follow back. Thanks again & have a great day!

  8. Angie,
    As always I so enjoy co-hosting with you. Great fun and new people.

  9. I followed you on Twitter and Facebook. I think I am getting the steps all done to do the climb.

    1. Hi Karen, Thanks so much I'm following you on both Twitter & Facebook also. This page is the CLIMB homepage but the actual CLIMB linky can be found here: April 2015 CLIMB

  10. Thanks for the linky - this is my first time linking up to your event. I have about 10 minutes left at the library - but did follow everyone on the rafflecopter. Hopefully I got all the cohosts. =D I'll try to keep up from my phone & use the library at night to see if I can keep up. =D

    Happy End of the Weekend & the Month!

  11. Thank you! I am following all hosts on Facebook! ;)


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