Sunday, July 18, 2021

Jesus Is #8 - CHRONOLOGY


Part#8 Jesus Is - CHRONOLOGY
This is the final post in the "Jesus Is" series.
Over the past few months we studied the 7 ways in which Jesus described himself (in the book of John).  When I looked at these 7 verses I noticed that there was a specific order  - they were listed chronologically in the way in which a person grows in their Christian walk!!  Isn't our Heavenly Father so amazing?  He put these faith building verses in the order in which we naturally grow.

Let's begin by defining the word
Chronology - the arrangement of events in time

This is the order in which all 7 featured verses occurred (in chronological order):

SundayJesusIsBREAD SundayJesusLIGHT SundayJesusGATE
SundayJesusWayTruthLife SundayJesusVINE(2)

Below is a chart that shows how our Christian life deepens in a fitting, commonsense way:


First we grow, we learn and once established we continue to gain sustenance through God's Word, prayer and worship.  Then, we begin to understand and God gives us a vision for what He wants us to do in the future.  That vision develops into actual life decisions which occur with God's daily guidance.  By this time we are more seasoned in our Christian faith, we realize that God is protecting us - even though God had protected us since the beginning, we actually do not become aware of that until deeper into our faith.  Now we are middle-aged in our faith and that guarantee of eternal life becomes a closer reality.  At this point we might be confronted with false prophets, which requires clarification.  Finally, in the senior years of our Christian life we will have had to endure many hardships by drawing on God's strength (which gave us character).

EVERYTHING should be done in a fitting and orderly manner - including our Christian walk.


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