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JUDE #1 - Greeting to the Called


JUDE#1 - Greeting to the Called

The book of Jude is a very small book in the Bible but it is packed with many wonderful lessons to be learned.  We will be studying the entire book of Jude in seven different parts.

Let's first study:  who was Jude? 


Jude was NOT "Judas Iscariot" who betrayed Jesus Christ.  This Jude who wrote the book was the half brother of Jesus Christ - both James and Jude were children of Mary and Joseph.  Just imagine what it must have been like growing up with Jesus Christ as your older brother!!

Also, this Jude was not one of the twelve Apostles (see Matthew 10: 2-4).  However, Bible scholars believe that Jude did not become a follower of his brother until after Jesus' resurrection.  Jude then became a strong teacher and leader in the early church, travelling to spread the message of salvation.

Notice that the word "bondservant" is used in verse 1 (see picture above).
The Dictionary defines "bondservant" as a person who is bound to serve without wages.  In this case, "bondservant" was not a dreaded position to be in because  Jude was NOT a slave  - he wanted to serve Jesus Christ in this manner without pay.  I look at it in modern terms - I believe it was like a "Surety Bond."  Did you know that every elected public official today MUST have a surety bond?  That means if these public officials do not live up their oath of office then they will be financially accountable for their failed actions.  And we're talking substantial amounts (see this website for more information about our current elected officials' bonds: "Bonds For The Win").


  In verse 2 there are three important words:

Let's first focus on the word "called".  When someone calls you on the phone or calls out your name in a crowded room, you have to either answer the phone or turn your head to see who is calling out for you.  That means we are accepting the phone call or acknowledging the shout out.  It's the same spiritually speaking - we have to accept God's call.

Sanctified is a word that needs a clearer definition.
- to free from sin
- to set apart to a sacred purpose
I believe that in verse 2 (see above) both definitions of "sanctify" are applicable.  God has freed us from sin through Jesus Christ, and, since we are the "called", He has set us apart for a sacred purpose.

Then, the word "preserved" means to keep safe from injury, harm or destruction;  to keep alive or free from decay.  Since Jesus Christ died for our sins and rose again means that He has freed us from decay!

The final sentence (see verse 2 above) is truly a wonderful greeting: "mercy, peace and love be multiplied to you."

Remember, "mercy" is the punishment that we deserve to receive but are spared because of what Jesus did for us.

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Instead of "multiplied", other versions of the Bible use the word "abundance" - both words wonderfully describe God's provisions for our lives.  (click HERE to view "Invitation to Live an Abundant Life")

I am honored to be part of "the called", I hope that you are also!

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