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TREES#3 - Fruit


TREES #3 - Fruit

We continue on in the series about trees.  This is Part#3 on God's glorious trees - "Fruit".    Today we are focusing on the fruit produced by these trees, but specifically "spiritual fruit".  Spiritual fruit are the characteristics and actions that we produce after being filled with the Holy Spirit.  

We obviously know that not all fruit comes from trees but also from plants (strawberries) , shrubs/bushes (blackberries) and vines (grapes).  All of these fruit are God's abundant provision for our prosperity.

by Angie Ouellette-Tower for photo SundayFruitVerse_zpsb99tym7d.jpg

  We learn about the nine "Fruit of the Spirit" in Galatians (see Scripture above).
Fruit of the Spirit posts:
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This yielding of spiritual fruit continues abundantly if we always trust in the Lord (see verses above).  When we are rooted deeply in God's Word, in meditation and in prayer, then that strength will continue to sustain us in any situation.

My favorite passage about fruitful trees is in Revelation.  The Bible verse below is describing what it will be like in heaven with the "Tree of Life" producing twelve different fruit each month!  Also, interesting about that verse is that the leaves will heal the nations.


I pray that you live in such a way that God's "Fruit of the Spirit" will overflow from your life for all to see.

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