Monday, July 9, 2012

Woven Lavender Closet Bundles

Woven Lavender Closet Bundles

I had such a wonderful lavender crop this year (I say "crop" but I actually only have 3 very large lavender plants).

Lavender - what a scent!! - In my opinion, the soothing scent of lavender ranks right up there with roses and lily of the valley.  Lavender is actually quite beneficial - as an essential oil it can aid in sleep, anti-stress and general relaxation.  Also, lavender is a moth deterrent - instead of using those stinky mothballs why not try making these Lavender Closet Bundles.

STEP 1:  Harvest your lavender making sure that the stems are about 6 to 8 inches long. (see picture above)
STEP 2:  Count about 13 stalks making sure that the stems are similar lengths and then tie this bundle together with a decorative ribbon of your choice (see picture below).  This ribbon should be 24 inches long and should be tied right under the purple flowers (again - see below).

STEP 3:  Gently fold (or curve) back each stem as seen in the picture above
STEP 4:  Take the ribbon and begin weaving - every other stalk as you go around (see picture below) - this is not easy (or it might be that weaving is not one of my stronger skills).

STEP 5:  Continue weaving until you have a bundle that resembles the finished product below. 
STEP 6:  Knot off the bottom and use the remaining ribbon to hang this Lavender Bundle in the closet.

IMPORTANT:  The stalks/stems must be green otherwise they will just snap off.




  1. Angie I saw something like this in one of my craft books, I think. They were called lavender bottles. What a lovely, vintage name and how beautiful your bottles are. I like that gold ribbon. I can see them hanging up for sale at a booth...

  2. I love lavender and hope to have more this year dor our next summer, one of my plants dry:( but I love you make, Im following you!

  3. I had no idea that lavender was a natural moth deterrent. I use a little lavender bag over my eyes to help me sleep. I'd love to be able to grow my own some day. Thank you for sharing.


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