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Build Your Own Garden Gate - Barrier Components

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Build Your Own Garden Gate

A wooden garden gate can keep small children and pets from entering or leaving the garden or grassy area. It can also provide privacy or make your garden feel more enclosed and secure. A simple garden gate is a project suitable for novice DIYers, so here’s a step-by-step guide to help you build your own garden gate.
What You’ll Need 

You’ll need:    1 Tape Measure

                        1x4 Inch Timbers


                        Fence Boards 

Measure Up
Place a tape measure on the edge of the fence post and extend it to the opposite post on the other side of the opening. Subtract 3 inches to make it the right width. Place the tape measure on the ground and take it up to your desired gate height. Take away one inch to get the right height for your fence boards, then take 3 inches from that measurement to get the height for your gate frame. Cut three pieces of 1 x 4 inch timber to the correct width with a handsaw to make the top and bottom of your frame, as well as the middle brace. Next cut two sections of 1 by 4 inch timber to the correct height for the gate frame to make the sides.
Construct Your Gate 

The number of fence boards you’ll need will vary depending on the size of your gate, but as a guide once you’ve cut the fence boards to the right height allow about half an inch between each board. Arrange the top, bottom and sides of the frame in the correct positions on a flat surface. Place the side boards over the ends of the top and bottom boards, then secure the pieces by driving a nail through each corner with a hammer. Use a carpenter's square to ensure that the frame is square and symmetrical. Place the middle brace across the centre of the frame and secure each end by driving a nail through the frame into the brace. Grab a fence board and place it flush with the outer edge of the side and bottom of the frame. Secure by driving nails through the top, centre and bottom of the frame. Next place a second fence board half an inch from the first fence board and secure the same way. Add fence boards until the frame is completely covered. Trim the last board with a handsaw if you need to and place a large hinge on the edge of the top of the frame. Then attach a second hinge to the bottom of the frame. Holding the gate in position screw it to the posts. 

Add a Lock

You’ll want to add a lock to your newly constructed gate to make sure your garden is secure. Barrier Components have a great range of gate locks so order one up and then follow the instructions fix it to your lovely new gate. Then you’re done!

Barrier Components

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