Sunday, October 23, 2016

Nothing Can Be Concealed From God

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I thought this topic was appropriate for today's political climate:
Nothing Can Be Concealed From God
WOW - this passage is so difficult to truly study - we must be honest with ourselves!  I'm sure we can all recall things that we have said or done in private that we wouldn't want anyone ever to know.  There are 4 things that popped into my head when I read these verses - they are:  secrets, motives, lies & hypocrisy..... let me explain:
1.  Secrets  - "there is nothing concealed or hidden that will not be made known" - whether it's a secret whispered to another person or a secret about yourself that only you know - God knows all.  There is no such thing as a secret kept from God. 

I also believe that many secrets lead to gossip and gossip is harmful to both the gossiper and the gossipee.  Some secrets might be necessary in some circumstances but let's be careful with secrets - realizing that there are no secrets that our Lord doesn't know about.
2.  Motives - are the push or drive behind our actions and words.  Why do we do what we do and why do we say what we say?  Motives are not seen by the human eye (although I know that sometimes our motives shine through our actions and words).  However, our motives ARE known by God and can never be disguised from Him.
3.  Lies - It might not be in our lifetime but the truth will come out in the end - even if it's not until judgement day - the truth will be revealed.  Dishonesty must be so time consuming - keeping track of what you said to whom and how you might have to respond in the future so that the lie remains secret.  Honesty is so much more relaxing. 
4.  Hypocrisy - falseness, insincerity, fake, two-facedness.  Those that try to be someone that they are not always show their "true colors" eventually.  Now, a hypocrite is different than somebody striving to change and be more Christ-like - the latter is sincere work whereas hypocrisy is sin.
Remember - any sin when confessed to God is forgiven by our gracious & merciful Lord through our Savior Jesus Christ.   

We need to live every second of our lives knowing that nothing can be hidden from God!



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