Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Basics - Preparing Asparagus

The Basics - Preparing Asparagus

Many people do not realize how easy it is to prepare asparagus.  The lower portion of each asparagus stalk can become tough, stringy and very unpleasant to try to eat.  Harvest your asparagus as described in:  Asparagus - From Spring to Winter.  Then hold onto the top end of an asparagus stalk with one hand and onto the bottom with the other hand and then bend (see the first picture).  The stalk will snap in two (see second picture above) and the bottom end is the tough one (compost or discard this end) and then the top part is the tender edible part (see picture below).  If you don't believe me then please try to eat the bottom part - it's as if asparagus has an invisible line separating the good and bad portions.  Continue snapping each asparagus stalk that you have harvested.  Some "bad" portions on 1 stalk will be larger than other asparagus stalks.  Cook as desired and enjoy.

NOTE:  If asparagus is not fresh it will not "snap" as described.

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