Monday, July 25, 2011

Garden Velcro

Garden Velcro

Garden Velcro

I use this wonderful product to tie up my tomato plants but it can also be used to secure many other plants, trees and shrubs.  In the picture below you will see one of my crazy tomato plants.  I have about 20 tomato cages but since I planted 80 tomato plants I needed to find another way to lift my tomatoes off the ground.

Simply cut the length required (length will vary depending on the size of your plant), and fasten around a wooden stake.  One side of the Velro is white and the other side is green - just make sure the white & green sides are touching and it will be secure.  Fasten the velcro a little loose so you don't choke your plant.

Tomato Plant now secure with Garden Velcro

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