Monday, July 18, 2011

Good Pest Deterrent - Coyote Urine

Unprotected bush bean plants that have been eaten almost down to the stem.

Good Pest Deterrent - Coyote Urine

There are many Pest Deterrent products available but over the years I have found that Coyote Urine &/or Fox Urine works the best.  It is available in powdered form and all you do is simply sprinkle this product around the perimeter of your garden.  One application will last for 4 or 5 days provided that there is no rain (different products may vary).  That is really the only negative aspect of this product - in a rainy spell you will have to apply this product everytime after it rains.

"Coyote Urine/Fox Urine" products will only deter certain animals NOT insects.  If your plants are being eaten by insects then that is an entirely different problem with totally different options for getting rid of the insects (which will be disgussed in a later post).

"Coyote Urine" product has been sprinkled around this part of the garden and these bean plants are untouched by critters.

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