Monday, July 11, 2011

Purslane - A Good Weed??

Purslane - A Good Weed??

My garden is overflowing with Purslane.  It wasn't until a few years ago that my husband helped me discover this delicious weed - yes I said weed.  Purslane is a very fast-growing weed that can take over your garden but now, whenever I weed my garden I make sure that I am having a salad for lunch or dinner and I include a few Purslane leaves.  Purslane has a mild green lemony flavor and tastes great in any garden salad.  Most importantly, Purslane is actually good for you - I am not a nutritionist but my husband tells me that Purslane is high in vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acid.

WARNING:  If you are not absolutely sure if you have Purslane growing in your garden then Don't take a chance on eating something that might resemble these pictures!

Common Purslane

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