Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Basket of Greens

A Basket of Greens

Greens should be the staple of any garden.  They can be grown from spring to late fall (and some greens - like Kale - even beyond that).  Not only are Greens very nutritious but they are (in my opinion) beautiful and majestic - I imagine the queen has a "basket of greens" at least once a week.  Just look at the different shades of green in the picture below!  And the ruffled elegance of Kale and Endive!  OK - that's going a little overboard.

We plant greens in succession all season long so we are able to have a continuous supply.  Plant Greens - You won't be disappointed

The greens included in this basket are:
-Buttercrunch Lettuce
-Romaine Lettuce
-Baby Pak Choi/Bok Choy
-Broccoli Raab

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