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Celebrating Canada's 150th Anniversary with Maple Coffee

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Celebrating Canada's 150th Anniversary with Maple Iced Coffee Smoothie

As many of you know, I was born and raised in Canada but I am married to an American so I am a LEGAL permanent resident of the United States.  I consider myself more of a North American. 

Today Canada celebrates it's 150th anniversary of being a nation.  Often people say to me "there's no real difference between a Canadian and an American" - well, yes there is a big difference.  Please watch the video on this post - it clearly explains the difference between Americans and Canadians:
Last Train Ride Across Canada (click on the title to view).

71% of the worlds Pure Maple Syrup is produced in Canada!!  WOW!!  That's why today I am celebrating with a homemade version of Tim Horton's Maple Iced Cappuccino.  Last summer Tim Horton's Coffee Shop had a limited time maple cappuccino and it was my absolute favorite coffee flavor.  They have since stopped making this version so I had to figure out how to make it at home. 

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You will need:
1 ice cube tray of frozen Tim Horton's brewed coffee
2 tablespoons of Maple Flavor Syrup (you may use real maple syrup.  I used Torani Maple Flavored Syrup for flavoring Coffee)
half and half cream (or whipping cream if you prefer) (amount is to your preference)
sugar (optional - amount to your taste)
a blender that can chop ice or make smoothies

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Begin by emptying the frozen coffee ice cubes into your blender and add a little cream (start with a little and add to your desired cream amount) (see picture below). 

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 If your blender has an ice chop setting then do that now until the ice is in smaller chunks (see picture below).

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Add more cream (if desired) the maple flavor and sugar (if desired) and finish off by using the smoothie setting on your blender (if you have that setting).

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Serve & ENJOY!

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